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Engineering Company For You

If you are looking for top-notch digital product engineering services, you have come to the right place. Gliterin has a wealth of experience and expertise in the product engineering services market. Our innovative products are designed to deliver real business value to our clients and give them a competitive edge.

Our featured clients

Transforming Digital Product
Engineering with Codes & Design

We see ourselves as experts when it comes to digital transformation projects. Our software development and product engineering teams work harmoniously to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. With us, you can dominate your market, gain an upper hand over your competitors, and trigger unstoppable success with highly advanced and customized Digital Product Engineering services.

Digital product engineering offerings: 
Disruptive, robust, scalable

Our Digital Product Engineering solutions are customized and tailor-made to solve your business problems. Our product engineering services aim to bring new-age technology and innovative software products that can scale your business operations and bring you more significant revenue and profits.

Product Engineering


We will nurture and polish your idea, converting it into a full-fledged digital product. Our product engineering services will create a unique competitive advantage for your business.

Product Development


We will hand-hold your raw idea and take care of the entire product journey to ensure you launch your digital product’s best version. The proven framework will optimize your business processes, significantly increasing customer demands for your product or service.

Innovation Labs


Our Digital engineering company has set up highly advanced innovation labs where we design, develop, and test digital products. We follow the latest industry trends and will ensure superior quality and robust technical expertise.

Rapid prototyping


With rapid prototyping, our Digital engineering Services ensure that only the best version of the digital product is worked upon and optimized. You can accelerate your time to market and elevate the customer experience.

UX Design Consulting


Our product development process heavily relies on UX design consulting. We know how good UX design impacts a product’s success, builds customer loyalty, and ultimately affects the long-term company’s success in the market.

Independent Validation


An independent and neutral observation ensures your idea is polished, refined, and ready to face the market. You will immediately witness our modern technologies and how our development team fine-tunes your offer to meet the changing customer demands.

Discover our methodology for
digital product success


Our Digital product development company combines programming expertise with human-centric design to engineer state-of-the-art digital solutions. We are always looking to optimize resources and bring superior customer experiences that can align with the needs of multiple industries and follow continuous development and quality assurance.

Decoding Audience


We will conduct in-depth market research to reveal the target audience’s pain points and brainstorm ideas to offer them a solution they can’t refuse. Whether starting with a revamp of your technical architecture or looking for ways to improve your operational costs, we are industry leaders and purveyors of next-gen technologies.

Design & Development


After several layers of testing the prototypes and observing the test audience’s reaction, we will initiate design and development work. Our forward-design approach will allow you to collect feedback from your valuable customers.

Go Live & Publishing


Our team will help you to go live and publish your applications on leading application stores such as Google Playstore & Apple’s App Store. We aim to meet customer needs with strategic design thinking and cost-effective solutions.

Prototype & Wireframes


Our Digital transformation company will develop prototypes & wireframes with a strong focus on design and functionality. We know how to visualize profitable products that ensure proper business growth. Our new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, will align with your business needs and optimize your existing processes.

Rigorous Testing


Our intense focus on executing rigorous testing of the final product ensures that every loophole and bug is sorted before going live. We will test and measure results by creating or developing products across cloud-native platforms.

Maintenance & Support


We will closely monitor the performance of the digital product and track its usage, user behavior, and user experiences. We have a skilled team of support specialists who can answer any questions about your well-developed product.

Design & launch
unbeatable digital products

Let’s disrupt the $1 trillion market & empower millions of users with powerful, robust, scalable products.

Powerful Team

Our 30+ In-house Digital Product Developers will ensure that your digital product is the best in the class. We bring product innovation through services that guarantee revenue growth.

Impeccable Experience

We have over 14 years of experience designing and launching digital products. Our solutions pass even the most stringent quality checks, from machine learning to hybrid cloud solutions. We are the new-age technology stack you need to conquer your market.

Digital in our DNA

We have experience delivering 2000+ digital solutions for global enterprises & startups. Whether revamping existing products or creating something new from scratch, we strive for excellence.

Fusion of Ideas & Skills

Leverage the skills of our LA-based designers & UX/UI experts and talented programmers from Tirana, Albania. Our mission is to help brands stay competitive and increase their market value.

Innovation Partner

Leverage our experience serving 700+ global brands and trigger unstoppable success for your business. We are a partner at every stage in the life cycle of your business and can help you easily navigate your product roadmap.

Global Brands

Some of the biggest global brands that trust us and believe in our processes related to data modernization and digital innovation. We have helped many increase their time to market with ready-made software development solutions.

Digital product engineering services that
bring you immediate competitive advantage

In the past 14 years, Gliterin has worked with more than 700 global businesses and delivered 2000+ successful digital and mobile products, impacting millions of users worldwide. We specialize in both B2B and B2C industries.

Digital product development company
for divergent industries

In the past 14 years, Gliterin has worked with more than 700 global businesses, and delivered 2000+
successful digital and mobile products, impacting millions of users all across the
world. We specialize in both B2B and B2C industries.






Wellness & Fitness





Social Media

Food & Restaurant


Real Estate

Digital product engineering:
Everything you need to know


What are the benefits of digital product engineering?

With expert and experienced Digital Product Engineering, you will spend less time and resources to launch your digital project and deploy best-in-class technologies for stunning results. You can beat your competitors and dominate your market for a longer time.

How do you choose the best digital product development company?

The best digital product development company will have extensive experience designing and launching robust and scalable digital solutions. It should have a powerful, creative, and passionate team that is digitally native, with a robust focus on our client’s success.

Why Gliterin for digital product engineering?

With over 14 years of experience delivering cutting-edge digital transformation and mobility solutions, 
Gliterin is a name to reckon with in digital product engineering. We have successfully delivered more than 2,000 digital and mobile apps.

What about security and data privacy?

Gliterin is very focused and dedicated to ensuring 100% data security and user privacy of our clients and patrons. We deploy cutting-edge security mechanisms such as encryption, secured keys, firewalls, and more to ensure that every byte and bit of data is safe and secure.

What processes are in place regarding support and maintenance?

Once the digital product we developed is up and running and live on the application platforms and stores, we offer our clients world-class maintenance and support services. We will closely monitor the performance, suggest niche customizations, and enhance user experience at every step.

FAQs- More on digital product engineering

What exactly is Digital Product Engineering?

It includes research, analysis, product design, development, testing, ongoing maintenance, support, and product optimization throughout its lifecycle.

Why should you opt for Digital Engineering Services?

Suppose you want a faster and more efficient product design based on data. In that case, you can rely on our engineering expertise and adequately respond to evolving design requirements, customer expectations, and security changes.

What are the top three features of the best digital product?

Contextual, consistent, and coherent. The product should follow a logical structure, appear the same across multiple platforms, and aim to elevate the overall customer experience.

How can digital transformation be triggered with digital product engineering?

We are here to enhance your business operations, collect insights on the customer experience, and put our software engineers to action to design robust solutions that bring you revenue.

How can Gliterin help you in launching Digital products?

You can accelerate time to market and effortlessly plan your journey with the help of expert developers and engineers.

What about the codes and database of my digital product?

We are fully transparent regarding codes and databases and won’t hide anything from you throughout the process.