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Unlock the Power of SMS Marketing
Send unlimited messages for €0.007/sms

Download the Gliterin SMS app and take advantage of your tariff’s
free or low-cost SMS messaging when communicating with customers.

Connect with your customers anywhere in the world with Gliterin SMS. Engage and interact with them via SMS gateway


Empower your phone with Gliterin’s free Android SMS app, transforming it into a robust SMS gateway. Utilize your carrier’s unlimited texts to transmit messages. Experience minimal fees per SMS with Gliterin, saving with every text you send!

1.Download the
Android App

Sign Up for Gliterin SMS and Download the Android Application


Activate and connect your Android phone to Gliterin SMS

via SMS

Gliterin SMS app facilitates customer interaction through portal API and integrations.

Calculate costs

Navigate your messaging expenses with precision – understand the cost of each text sent with our comprehensive cost calculator.

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