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Swiftly Hire Talented, Certified,
 On-Demand IT Employees

The demand for IT skills is growing at an unprecedented rate. Globally, it is the second most sought-after profession. Software developers and engineers top the list of skills in demand. Only some companies have the resources to keep up with demand. Gliterin can help.

Gliterin Decodes the
Complexities of On-Demand
IT Recruitment

Our Gliterin IT Staff Augmentation Services
provide flexibility and leverage for mobile, digital,
and IT businesses worldwide. Our in-house team consists of focused, passionate, and talented people.

Staff Augmentation Services:
Our offerings

Our Staff Augmentation services are tailor-made and
flexible for your niche business requirements.

Dedicated On-Demand Team


We enable our customers to recruit experienced, certified, talented, certified and experienced on-demand tech teams for timely project progress.

Agile, Flexible Team


We promptly deploy a temporary team based on the specific requirements for urgent projects.

Pay as you go Model


We provide our clients with contractual, on-demand workers as and when needed, who will be paid based on projects or hours.

Contracts & OKRs


We enable our customers to define and implement the NDAs for the extended team, Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), and work contracts.

On-Boarding Support


Our specialized HR team will handle all aspects of the onboarding process for the new employees and help them transition.

Managed Recruitment Services


We will handle every aspect related to HR Management for your business: on-demand recruitment, profiling, selection, onboarding, & more.

Our featured clients

Gliterin offers staff augmentation

services for critical IT roles that include:

  • Developers
  • Data architects
  • Testers
  • Data scientists
  • DevOps engineers
  • Test automation engineers
  • Business Analyst
  • Integration engineers
  • UX and UI designers
  • Support engineers
  • Software architects

Tools & technologies for
Staff Augmentation services

Since we deploy and use powerful tools, software platforms, and technologies,
Gliterin delivers cutting-edge augmentation services
to big global brands, SMEs, and startups.

Staff Augmentation Services:
Our Methodology


Our flexible and systematic Staff Augmentation
methods ensure that our customer hiring process
finds the right candidate, for the right project,
at the right time. This is how we work.

Evaluation of Needs

We will start by evaluating the exact need for manpower and create a blueprint of augmentation services with a panoramic view of business objectives.

Filtering Candidates

Based on the specific needs and OKRs, we filter the candidates and present them for final approval.

Deploying On-Demand Staff

Based on the client’s approvals, we set up work from the home environment or deploy the selected on-demand employees at the client’s location.

Software Development

Software development is among the more manageable tasks when forming an IT team to meet project demands that use unfamiliar technology.

Screening Candidates

Based on the JD, we will suggest a pool of talented, certified (if needed), and passionate on-demand employees to our clients for their projects.

In-House Development Team

Our augmented specialists become part of an existing team and cooperate with employees, usually temporarily.

Documentation Process

Our HR Team will handle the documentation process for onboarding the employees, following your business protocols.

Post-Recruitment Support

Once the recruitment is completed, we will offer post-recruitment support and services to ensure higher productivity and ROI.

On-Demand recruitment, based on your terms and conditions

Build a flexible, global workforce and utilize the inherent on-demand employee benefits for delivering projects within your budget and on time.

Powerful Team

Our 30+ In-house Digital Product Developers will ensure that your digital product is the best in the class.

Hiring Specialists

Leverage the power and reach of our 250+ strong team, spread across the US and Albania, to hire the best talent.

Unbeatable Experience

We have 13+ years of experience in the IT and Digital domain, which translates to an unbeatable experience.

On-Demand Hiring

Hire crème de la crème of talent, globally, as and when required. We specialize in offering on-demand recruitment.

Agile Recruitment Process

Our swift and agile recruitment process delivers stunning results in a short time.

Trusted by Brands

We have served 700+ global brands, consistently delivering fascinating results.

Wish to hire on-demand employees
but are not sure where to start?

On-demand workers are outsourced contractors who assist a company with projects as temporary workers to fill talent gaps in short-term job positions. You start to hire them by asking Gliterin to help with team augmentation.

Staff Augmentation Services:
Here’s what you need to know

Staff augmentation means hiring experts from a company to perform project-based augmentation tasks or share the workload. At Gliterin, we vet people with particular skills to help achieve a project’s success.

What exactly is IT Staff Augmentation?

The staff augmentation process is a highly targeted, specialized recruitment process where a startup or an organization outsources a third party for its niche requirement process. Staff augmentation is deployed when a company needs additional workforce on a permanent or temporary basis.

Examples of Staff Augmentation managed services include:

1. Project management may need an iOS or Android developer
2. The management and development team may request a Quality Assurance Department
3. The development team may require specialized staff with a unique skill set that is difficult to find among the in-house team.

What are the inherent benefits of staff augmentation services?

In the case of setting up a full-time recruitment team, the company can incur several cost overheads, and expenses, that can be avoided or reduced by augmentation services.

Instead of maintaining a team throughout the year, you only pay for on-demand employees as and when needed.

How to select the best service provider for staff augmentation?

The first and foremost aspect is checking out the overall experience and expertise of the IT staff augmentation service provider and finding out their previous projects and deliveries in terms of on-demand hiring. This can give you a better idea of the actual capabilities of the staff augmentation service provider.

What are the advantages of using Gliterin for Staff Augmentation services?

We offer customized Staff Augmentation solutions tailored to meet your organization’s unique needs with flexible engagement terms to meet your fluctuating workload. Our highly skilled professionals work under your direction and guidance as your virtual employees to augment the skills of your in-house staff. By choosing Gliterin as your staffing partner, you gain access to top-tier talent in the industry, requiring minimal training and ramp-up time. Furthermore, our professionals can work within your time zone to ensure seamless communication and collaboration.

Why Gliterin for Augmentation Services?

Gliterin has more than 13 years in the IT and Digital industry, wherein we have served some of the biggest global brands such as American Express, Audi, Disney, AXA, ICC, and others in delivering cutting-edge mobility and digital solutions.

We have the knowledge, expertise, and experience of fulfilling your on-demand staffing needs as and when required.

How will Gliterin ensure that we get the best on-demand employees?

We have an in-depth recruitment process for the best of the best talent that ensures that your organization can recruit only the most eligible and talented employees on demand.

We will conduct market research, screen the employees, filter the talent based on your business needs, and help them on board.

Will Gliterin help in post-recruitment processes as well?

Yes, definitely. Once the best employees are selected and finalized, we will assist the organization in formulating contracts and NDAs, along with structuring in-depth OKR or Objectives and Key Results to ensure that your organization can derive maximum productivity and ROI.

Frequently Asked Question

Is the Staff Augmentation process costly?

No, definitely not. Staff augmentation is a recruitment model extensively focusing on saving resources and time while hiring the best talent.

How do I save money with Staff Augmentation?

For full-time employees, you pay for infrastructural costs, allowances, health insurance, and more, which is saved with the staff augmentation model.

Will I lose control over my projects with Staff Augmentation?

Definitely not! This is a common myth associated with the on-demand recruitment model. You get full authority and control over projects with augmentation services.

Are there any quality issues with the Staff Augmentation model?

We are dedicated and determined to provide only the best of the best human resources & talent for your business, which translates to high-quality and error-free output.

I want a flexible, remote-only, on-demand team. Is that possible?

Yes, definitely! We specialize in remote documentation, onboarding process, recruitment, and related task augmentation services contracts.

We are a startup. Should we choose Augmentation services?

If you are a startup, we recommend choosing our augmentation services to save the cost of recruitment and heavy investment in full-time employees.