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Revolutionizing Native Advertising, the missing puzzle between Advertisers and Publishers In Albania

Client: Boost    Industry: Digital Advertising, Content Discovery

  • Linux
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  •  AWS S3
  • Cloudflare
  •  Cassandra
  •  ElasticSearch
  • Redis
  • Nodejs
  • Lua
  • Nginx
  • Angular
  • PWA

Project Overview

Gliterin proudly introduces, a cutting-edge native advertising platform in Albania that empowers advertisers to craft and deploy ads across publishers’ websites and apps seamlessly. With a rich array of features, including automatic scaling, Adge Cloud, and true intention targeting, acts as the bridge that forges a mutually beneficial connection between advertisers and publishers, ensuring a win-win scenario for all involved.

The missing puzzle Between Advertisers and Publishers: Overcoming Challenges in the Online Advertising Industry

In the online advertising sector in Albania, an essential link has been absent, leading to a series of challenges has devalued the online advertising that businesses highly desire. Advertisers have faced difficulties in engaging users with traditional banner formats, which lacked control. Meanwhile, publishers have grappled with monetization struggles, exacerbated by these intrusive banners that harm the user experience on their websites.


Limited Reach

Without a platform, it can be challenging to reach a wide and diverse audience, as you would have to rely on your own network and connections.


Inefficient Targeting

Effective ad targeting requires data and analytics, which a platform can provide. Without it, you might not reach the most relevant audience for your products or services.


Difficulty in Ad Management

Managing ad campaigns, tracking performance, and making real-time adjustments can be complex and time-consuming without a platform’s tools and features.


Lack of Scale

A platform allows for the scaling of ad campaigns. Without it, your advertising efforts may be limited in terms of size and scope.


Reduced Tracking and Analytics

Tracking ad performance and gathering analytics on user engagement and conversion rates becomes challenging, making it hard to evaluate the success of your campaigns.



Managing ad distribution manually can be time-consuming and may divert resources from other core business activities.


Inconsistent Ad Placement

Without a platform’s oversight, your ads might appear on irrelevant or low-quality websites, diminishing their impact.


Ad Fraud and Bot Traffic

Platforms often have measures to combat ad fraud and bot traffic, which can be a significant issue when distributing ads independently.


Banner Blindness

Internet users have become adept at ignoring or mentally filtering out banner ads, which can reduce their effectiveness.



Some users find banner ads disruptive and intrusive, leading to a negative user experience.

Advertiser’s Dream

After carefully analyzing the problem, Gliterin comes up with a concrete solution and a list of powerful features


User-Friendly Interface

The platform offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface for streamlined ad campaign management.


Efficient Campaign Management

The platform simplifies ad campaign creation, monitoring, and optimization for advertisers.


Real-Time Analytics

Advertisers can access real-time tracking and analytics tools for immediate insights into ad performance.


Targeting Capabilities

The platform provides advanced targeting options, enabling advertisers to reach their desired audience effectively.


Budget Control

Advertisers have complete control over their budgets within the platform.


Ad Scheduling

Precise ad scheduling is available for optimal targeting.


Ad Creatives Library

A comprehensive ad creatives library and templates enhance the creativity of advertisements.


Ad Placement Options

The platform offers flexible ad placement across various online channels and platforms.


Comprehensive Reporting

Detailed, customizable reporting tools provide in-depth insights into ad performance, facilitating data-driven adjustments.

The Publisher’s Monetization and Pageview Booster!

Understanding the publisher’s struggle to balance monetization and user experience, we have come up with a native ads solution that ‘kills two birds with one stone’.

Efficient Ad Placement

Optimize ad placements to maintain a seamless and non-intrusive user experience on your website while maximizing revenue.

Monetization Strategies

Implement effective monetization strategies that balance revenue generation with a positive user experience.

Ad Format Diversity

Offer a variety of native ad formats to cater to different advertisers and user preferences.

Ad Relevance

Ensure that native ads displayed on your platform are relevant to your audience’s interests and seamlessly blend with your content.

Data Analytics

Leverage data analytics to understand user behavior, track the performance of native ads, and make informed decisions to improve engagement and revenue.

User Experience Enhancement

Implement strategies to maintain a positive user experience, even when displaying native ads, by ensuring they feel integrated and natural.

Compliance and Quality Control

Maintain ad compliance with industry standards, ensuring high-quality native ads are displayed consistently.

Ad Engagement

Encourage user engagement with native ads through appealing, relevant content that fits seamlessly within your platform.

Behind-the-Scenes Technological Marvels

But we have done more than what was on paper. Gliterin has implemented cutting-edge, vital features to leverage ads performance in another level

Intelligent Real-Time Bid Algorithm

This advanced algorithm dynamically adjusts bids in real time, optimizing ad placement and maximizing revenue for advertisers.

True Intention Targeting

Using AI and data analysis, the platform ensures that ads are shown to users based on their genuine interests and behaviors, increasing user engagement and ad effectiveness.

Automatic Learning Ads

Leveraging machine learning, the platform’s ads automatically adapt and optimize their content and placement to improve user engagement and conversion rates.

Newsroom Analytics

The platform includes a powerful newsroom analytics tool, allowing publishers to analyze content performance and deploy separate news articles for different audience segments.

Smart Visitor Suggestions

Sophisticated algorithms provide personalized visitor suggestions, enhancing user retention and boosting overall page views by offering users content that aligns with their interests.

A Robust Infrastructure

Gliterin has built a powerful and robust infrastructure from the ground up to carefully handle expertly crafted code.

Automatic Scaling

Utilizing Kubernetes and Cassandra as the database, we’ve developed a solution for automatic scaling based on load.

On-Edge Cluster

We’ve created a powerful On-Edge cluster capable of handling significant traffic for static files, dynamic events, and computations.

Spike Management

Using Redis as a queue, we effectively manage spikes in traffic.

Smart Backup and Restore

Leveraging AWS features, we ensure efficient backup and restoration processes.

Outcome has swiftly risen to prominence in the Albanian online advertising industry, capturing the hearts of advertisers and publishers alike. As the leading native advertising platform in Albania, it has redefined industry standards, ushering in a new era of innovation and modernization.’s influence is not only substantial but also enduring, promising a future marked by continued growth and transformation in the Albanian online advertising landscape.

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