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Offer a wide selection of high-quality products at unbeatable prices, making it easy for you to upgrade your wardrobe, and find great deals on the latest trends.

Shop Smart, Shop Easy

Daka Outlet is a hub for affordable, high-quality fashion, offering a wide array of stylish products at unbeatable prices. To meet the evolving demands of modern shoppers and reach a wider audience, Daka Outlet requires a robust web e-commerce platform and a mobile app, enhancing accessibility, convenience, and customer engagement, all of which are vital for the continued success and growth of the business.

Client: Daka Outlet    Industry: eCommerce

  • WooCommmerce
  • Cloudflare
  • PWA
  • iOS
  • Android

Brick & Click: Shop the Way You Want!

A shop without an e-commerce presence may struggle with limited reach and sales opportunities, missing out on potential customers beyond its physical location. Additionally, it may face challenges related to adapting to evolving consumer preferences and the convenience of online shopping, which could impact its competitiveness in the market.


Expanded Reach

Through our e-commerce platform and PWA (Progressive Web App), we enabled Daka Outlet to break free from the limitations of its physical store, reaching a global audience and expanding its market presence. The user-friendly online interface and app made it easy for customers to discover and purchase Daka Outlet’s products at their convenience, regardless of their geographical location, resulting in increased visibility and reach.


Increased Sales

By implementing a wishlist feature, order history tracking, and a notification system within Daka Outlet’s e-commerce platform and app, we enhanced the customer experience, encouraging repeat purchases and driving increased sales. Customers can easily track their desired products, view their order history, and receive timely updates on discounts and promotions, fostering loyalty and motivating additional sales.


Enhanced Customer Experience

We enriched the customer experience at Daka Outlet by providing a user-friendly e-commerce platform and mobile app, making shopping seamless and enjoyable. The app’s features, such as personalized recommendations and easy payment options, improved customer satisfaction, fostered brand loyalty, and ultimately resulted in an elevated overall shopping experience for Daka Outlet’s customers.

More revenues & more happy customers

Gliterin implements data-driven marketing that empowers Daka Outlet to make informed decisions by analyzing customer data, resulting in more effective and efficient marketing campaigns and strategies. For customers, this means they receive personalized content and offers that align with their preferences and needs, leading to a more satisfying and relevant shopping experience.

Seamless order process

Gliterin’s custom order process has been tailored to simplify and secure the ordering experience for customers, ensuring a seamless and protected transaction flow that enhances overall satisfaction and trust in the system.

Data-Driven Marketing

Data-Driven Marketing, when combined with targeted notifications, allows Daka Outlet to send personalized promotions and product recommendations directly to their customers. This strategy increases customer engagement, encourages repeat purchases, and ultimately secures more sales by offering relevant and enticing offers at the right time.

Boosting Revenue with Optimization

Gliterin’s implementation of a custom cache backend and PWA service worker in Daka Outlet’s e-commerce and app significantly accelerated the loading times, reducing bounce rates and increasing customer engagement. This improved speed and responsiveness directly contributed to higher revenue by retaining more visitors, facilitating more seamless transactions, and encouraging repeat sales.

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